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Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group

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The Challenge

Finding a good doctor in the DC area can be difficult. And often once you’ve found one, you’re put through a long, frustrating process before receiving the care you need. Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group wanted to make it known that they’re setting themselves apart—with easier scheduling, more convenient lab results, and one-step transitions to specialists.

The Solution

A campaign that brings the difference in patient experience to the forefront of the conversation. We created prints that made audiences stop and consider the process they have to run through, and if they should expect better. Then we ran them in Northern Virginia Magazine throughout the year.

The Story

Because the majority of primary care providers still haven’t figured out a streamlined process for their patients, many of us have come to accept the over complicated as routine. The long wait times, hefty paperwork, weeks of waiting for test results. It’s so monotonous that many people would rather stay sick, than go through the pain of a doctor’s visit.


We thought the best way to connect to our audience, was to truly write it out for them—every step of the process we all try to avoid. So we wrote three stories, all familiar to most of us living in the beltway area.


Then, we used bits of those stories to tell a new one.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 5.02.42 PM
These are the stories of the VHCPG process. They’re bold. They’re assuring. And they’re a little bit braggy. Exactly what VHCPG needed. Because when you’re the only physicians group in the area that can consistently improve on an age-old process, you deserve to tout it.

We brought the difference to the forefront of the conversation.
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