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Shared Hope

Digital Strategy // Branding // Mobile/Desktop Site // E-Commerce

The Challenge

Shared Hope’s mission is to eradicate underage sex trafficking. While the urgency of the problem is clear, the scale and the steps needed to find solutions are difficult to explain. Furthermore, Shared Hope’s role in the solution was obscured by the complexity of its initiatives and the difficulty of the subject matter.

The Solution

Our strategic approach to Shared Hope’s challenges focused on one truth to make the problem feel more real: it affects children in towns and cities just like yours, and is perpetuated by people you might know. We redesigned the group’s core website,, and launched a new brand platform for their JuST conference series.

The Story

Shared Hope’s digital strategy suffered from a common challenge among non-profits: they tried to explain everything they do to every potential audience at the same time. As a result, the most important message was obscured and potential emotional connections were lost.

So we started over again, building a clean user experience focused on a primary audience—newcomers to Shared Hope who want to help.

Shared Hope home page redesign

We created a new information architecture that reorganized counterintuitive lines and filled in gaps where necessary. We repositioned thousand of existing pages within this framework and optimized for ease of use by humans and search engines alike.

Then we redesigned the interface to strengthen storytelling and clarity of action. This was particularly challenging in that we had to keep the existing WordPress infrastructure intact.

Shared Hope mobile screens

The drastically improved usability led to a big drop in bounce rates, an increase in page views, and longer session durations as visitors were able to get where they wanted quickly. And, most importantly, in the time since the site was relaunched, donations shot up 34%.

Shared Hope infographic and stories on tablet

After the main site was rebuilt, we moved on to Shared Hope’s separately branded juvenile sex trafficking conference series, JuST. We created a new visual identity for the main annual conference, and a scalable brand platform for additional conferences in the series, JuST Faith Summit and JuST First Response.

JuST Conference home page on tablet

"In the first six months after the site launch, donations shot up 34%."
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