A gift worthy of gold.

New Balance

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The Challenge

In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Olympics, New Balance needed to send a good luck gift to one of the top sprinters in the world—Trayvon Bromell. They had already created two stunning pieces of footwear specifically for Trayvon. Now, they needed a package that was as unique as it was sharable.

The Solution

We developed a package sturdy enough to hold two pairs of sneakers in place, streamlined to exhibit the entire design simultaneously, and worthy of olympian-status bragging rights.

The Story

Trayvon is a 21 year-old American track-and-field athlete and specialized sprinter. He was the first United States high school athlete to run 100-meters in less than 10 seconds, setting the new world junior 100-meter record at 9.97 seconds. New Balance saw his golden potential, and signed him to #TeamNB. He entered the 2016 Olympics to find out how fast a human can run.
New Balance custom-designed two sets of shoes for his competition—a pair of all-white Vazee 2090 Glory trainers and a set of Vazee Sigma Glory spikes that celebrated the runner’s tattoos. The brand took inspiration from the wings, doves, roses and words that are tattooed on Trayvon’s arms and chest and turned them into an art piece, using the shoes as a canvas. Now, we were tasked with featuring these stunning sneakers in a kit that also paid homage to his skill.

New Balance Glory Shoes Trayvon

Our solution? A glass case similar to the house that would hold a medal. But how would it ship to Waco, Texas?


We hunted materials that would bring the idea of a functional, beautiful, two-part, transparent case to life—without breaking into shards in shipment. This meant serious experimentation. Working with our wide format production team, we developed numerous prototypes of various bent and flexed materials, until we landed on a thick acrylic that’s half the weight but just as sturdy as glass.
It was seamless. Literally one piece formed into an s-shape to create two cases that connected as one. Now, it was ready to come to life with our design. To represent where we saw these shoes taking Trayvon, we put them on a golden platform.

NB Box_Pride Glory-9-header

The art direction was a refined combination of bright white matte lamination and shining gold vinyl that offered depth and featured small details. We lined the sides of the acrylic in a subtle gradient, fading out to the white and gold New Balance logos, so the brand was visible from every angle.

NB Box_Pride Glory-8

New Balance created an accompanying teaser video on Instagram and Twitter to let Trayvon know a surprise was on the way. He was ecstatic, tweeting to thank us and New Balance for the support.


Trayvon, we’ve got heart eyes emojis for you, too.

We created a package that matched his golden potential.
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