A Personalized

Solution to Poverty


Digital Strategy // Responsive Site // E-commerce

The Challenge

LIFT's solution to poverty is uniquely personal. And LIFT's website plays a central role in connecting Advocates and Donors with the Members they help. But their site hadn't evolved as quickly as their business model. It needed more than a redesign—it needed a top-to-bottom rethink, including content strategy and e-commerce integration.

The Solution

Strip it to the essentials. Then rebuild a responsive scrolling site in its place. Use new forms of architecture and functionality to complement LIFT’s unique approach. Introduce an enhanced color palette to brighten the storytelling experience, and lead with bold type headlines to clearly explain the mission.

The Story

Many nonprofits in LIFT’s space adopt a one-size-fits-all philosophy in the fight against poverty, joblessness, and homelessness. LIFT tackles the same problems according to its own model and mandate. They counsel each individual according to her particular struggles in order to uncover whether the main obstacle is personal, social, or financial.


A group of dedicated professionals operates at headquarters and in oversight roles in each city location. On the ground, college volunteers are paired with LIFT members to personally guide them toward removing barriers and strengthening foundations.


LIFT is headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices around the country. Therefore, we presented their story on both national and granular levels, with background, results, and financial information available for each satellite office.


If a wealthy donor is viewing the site on a newly released tablet with updated browsers, they will be able to access the full breadth of the responsive, scrolling design. But even if a prospective LIFT client is viewing the site on an older machine in a public library, we built the site with graceful degradation so that when features are limited by a browser’s age the functional essentials remain intact and the content is largely uncompromised.
Speaking of donors, we featured the donate button prominently on every page, included an entire subpage for different ways to give, and asked visitors to share our message on social networks.


We told LIFT’s story by
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