Putting life inside Fairfax Square

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Fairfax Square

Experiential // Branded Environment

The Challenge

Fairfax Square is the all-inclusive office space in Tysons Corner. But with many people fleeing to the city, we needed to sell the experience of working in this premier Virginia space.

The Solution

We took a vacant floor of the building and turned it into a gallery experience. The artwork? Fairfax Square’s amenity list.

The Story

First, we imagined what working in the building would mean—showing up in the morning to quick, secure garage parking, grabbing a coffee from the cafe before heading to your corner office, and running out to Tysons on lunch to grab a gift for a friend before meeting them at that evening’s happy hour. It really did check every box.

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But how would we feature all of the benefits in a way that made even the abstract easier to recognize?

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Easy. We framed them. The amenities—the rooftop terrace, 8 corner offices, gym, as well as the benefits like immediate interstate access and vicinity to luxury retail—and treated them as pieces of art.

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We took the yellow square used in the branding, and made it the frame in which viewers saw their future experience. Yellow squares framed photos of the perks seen throughout the building, framed windows that looked out onto the shops seated at their fingertips. But we couldn’t stop there.

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As the potential lessees walked through the space, they’d find themselves standing in the perfect position to peer through the yellow squares as they framed amenity installations. Simply by framing these benefits, we helped give these viewers perspective. And show them that when they worked Inside Fairfax Square, they’d have it all.

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An all-inclusive workplace inside Fairfax Square.
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