Spreading love in a hardball industry.


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The Challenge

Our industry is competitive. And often thankless. We don’t always get the awards we think we deserve, and sometimes our best work never sees the light of day. So, on Valentine’s day, we wanted to give creatives the chance to show some love, by telling other creatives that they’re doing great work, and looking damn good while doing it.

The Solution

To do this, we created a series of digital Valentines called #cardsforcreatives to be posted every day in February leading up to Valentine’s Day. We made sure that there was something for everybody – art directors, copywriters, developers, and project managers alike.

The Story


We couldn’t keep it all inside. So we decided to put the cards where we knew that other DC creatives would see them – right in front of their offices. We created heart-shaped stickers of the cards, tagging them on agencies all over the city, and on every platform to be sure our friends would receive our notes.



The recognition got noticed — with Adweek journalists sharing them on twitter and the creative community even personally responding to thank us for the compliments.
Proving that when you give love, you get love in return.

Complimenting the creative community, and spreading love where it's needed.
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