Frank Strube: The Yanni of Technology

  Describe yourself and your job in the company. I have been with Global since 2008, and like many others, Global was my first employer beyond graduation. I’ve held various roles in the company—from managing the network infrastructure, to building client websites, and eventually to running our software development team. In my current role, as […] Read More

Technology Trends in Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is in a constant state of evolution, just like the technology that feeds it. Where once there were only static marketing pieces with limited options for personalization, we now live in a time where the entire spectrum of media platforms to deliver personalized messaging is the new normal. Content delivery is moving forward, […] Read More

Jody Skorepa: A pillar of our culture

Jody Skorepa first walked through the doors of 3670 Wheeler Avenue 26 ½ years ago. Back then, we were Global Printing, a 23-person commercial printing company, with dreams of being much more. Since Jody’s first day, she’s seen our company grow, has weathered change, and has brought smiles to the faces of everyone who walks […] Read More